Tuesday, August 26, 2014

About music

Let’s talk about music. Which are your favorite singers/bands? Do the songs you listen to depend on your mood? Do you listen to different genres or you like just a few? Do your friends listen to the music you like or they like different things?
I like different kinds of music. It all depends on my mood. My most favorite genre is alternative rock but I also like metalcore, dubstep, J-rock, a bit indie, the dance music from the 90s and etc. Each of them is different from the others. But I like them. Sometimes even my friends can’t believe that I listen some of the genres.
You probably have heard the sentence “You can judge people by the music they listen”. It’s not always like that. Sometimes a person can listen to really different things and you can’t say what’s his personality exactly. But I think that listening to different kinds of music is great because that way you can find the needed songs which your mood wants.
Sometimes you feel happy and energetic and you want to dance, other times you have to do some work and you need calm music. Sometimes you want to do headbanging and you need rock or metal music, but other times doing nothing seems the best and relaxing music is for those moments. And much more situations. And there are songs for all of them.
About the people who listen to one or two genres – I know a girl who listens mostly to black and death metal and when people find out that, without knowing her, they start to think that she is dark with evil thoughts and etc., but actually she is a nice person.
My point is no matter what music one person likes, that’s not a thing by which you can define him. So listen to what you like, whatever if are 2 or 20 different genres. The only thing that matters is to be happy.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The art on your skin

Today, so many people have tattoos that sometimes it’s strange if someone doesn’t have any. But why are people so obsessed with them anyway?
Tattoos symbolize something to the person on whose skin is (or at least it supposed to). The tattoo shows the deep connection between one person and a moment from his past, a dream or something like that. It’s amazing how some ink on your skin can help you to go through hard moments, or to inspire you to accomplish your dream, or to remind you of who you are and who you want to be and where you want to go.
But no matter what it symbolizes, do we have to share its meaning to the others or do we have to keep it for ourselves. Maybe it depends on the person and how he thinks and feels about his tattoo(s). Sometimes it’s not a big deal to tell your friends why you did exactly this tattoo… but other times to keep it for yourself seems to be the right thing to do. There are things which don’t need to be known, secrets which don’t need to be told.
Only you can decide if you want to tell the story behind your tattoo or not. But in both cases – tattoos are beautiful and they are a piece of art. Love them, they deserve it.