Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Animals and their feelings

Animals have feelings, too. People often forget this. I’m an animal lover and I treat the animals as human beings and many times I even care more about them than about people. That is because they rely on us, on their owners. When they look you with those puppy eyes and you immediately understand that something is going on.
At present, I have one cat inside and two cats and one dog outside. I love them all and I always try to make them happy. And it doesn’t cost much. Just give them a food they like (they all have different personalities and like different kinds of things) and some fondling and that is enough to see the happiness in their eyes and, as I see especially on my husky’s face, a smile.
It always makes me believe in humanity when I see someone helping an animal. Rescuing a little cat from a tree, a dog with a broken leg and etc. it is something to be proud of. I always feel sorry about the homeless animals and even feel guilty that I cannot help them. It’s unbelievable that some people get rid of their pets without any pity. The owner is the pet’s life and I cannot understand how they can live after leaving his 4-paws friend.
There are a lot of stories you can find on the Internet about people saving animals. Some are about adopting pets from shelters, but the more emotional are about people who have rescued animals with a missing limb or with really serious wounds. When they find the suffering being, they immediately take all necessary measures so the animal will recover in a healthy environment and one day it will have a normal life, full of love. It restores your faith in people when you see this kind of an article.
Almost every time I can understand what my pets want and also I know when something is wrong. And when that happens I go and talk to them because deep inside I believe they understand me and my words can reduce a bit of the pain at least for a moment. I can’t stay calm knowing that one of my furry friends is not feeling well. It is not acceptable to leave it without doing your best to help him.
Before deciding to have a pet, you have to know that this is not a toy, it is a breathing creature and you have to take care of it all the time. Think about it carefully, do not act spontaneously, so you would not abandon it after realizing what is about to take care of another creature except yourself.

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