Thursday, January 15, 2015

Live for less

Many of us have times when we don’t have much money or want to save money because we want to go on a trip, buy a car or similar reasons. Here are seven tips about what to change in your daily life but in a way that you won’t miss anything and still be happy.

1.      Cut the junk food. Sometimes it looks that it is the cheapest thing to eat when you are out, but it is not like that (and it is not the healthiest neither). The advertisements are surrounding you: “tasty” hamburgers, fries, pizza and etc. On the pictures they look good but when you buy it, it is not even half as tasty as it looked on the picture. And sometimes you can still be hungry after eating it.

The solution: make a grocery list with tasteful and healthy foods e.g. wholegrain bread, vegetables, fruits, cheese you like. Make sandwiches with your favorite ingredients. In the end your sandwich will look delicious and will taste even better. Make enough so you don’t need to starve, wrap them in foil or paper and your lunch for the day is ready. Take a fruit or nuts and you have a snack, too.

2.      You have been working all day and in the evening you are wondering what to make for dinner that it will be ready in no time. Boil some pasta, garnish it with fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce, other vegetables, cheese or whatever you like. No matter it is pasta or something else, always try to make it colorful by adding fresh vegetables and fruits. It is proved that if you make your meal good-looking, you will enjoy it more. So prepare it like is going to be served in five-star restaurant.

3.      Have you ever set in front of your full with clothes wardrobe and still thinking “I don’t have anything to wear”? Many people find the solution of the problem by buying new clothes. But that is not always the right answer. Take out all of your clothes. You will be surprised how many of your skirts, shirts and etc. you have been forgotten because you haven’t worn them for ages. When you put them on it will feel like something new.

The other solution is to go buy “new” clothes. In the shops for second-hand clothes you can find pretty good clothes which are unworn. Just search carefully and you will find clothes that fit perfectly your personal style. My advice is to go with a friend – both of you are going to have good time.

4.      About going to the cinema, probably most people prefer it instead of watching a movie home. But there are pros about it. You can call friends, make popcorn and watch not only one movie but make a movie marathon. Also, in the cinema you have to be really quiet but in home you can laugh as much as you want. When you are with your friends you can even turn horror movies into comedies. So instead of being sad that you have to skip the cinema go make popcorn, call your friends and have lots of fun.

5.      When you want to change something in your home, that not always mean that you have to spend a lot of money for renovation. You can shuffle the furniture, get new covers for some parts of it, grow plants. There are many things you can make with paper in different colors, scissors and glue. Find DIY tutorials about the things you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time. Just turn your creativity on and you will change your home in no time.

6.      For the people who want to get fit there is an alternative of the gym. You can make exercises home. Internet is full of step-by-step pictures and videos, you just have to find those exercises which work for you and the parts of the body you want to train. Other thing you can do is running. Going to the gym usually includes running there on the needed machine. You don’t need to pay for something you can do outside. Call a friend (it’s going to be less work and more fun) and go to the nearest park.

7.       Leave the car. Giving money for fuel will not help you to save money. Use public transport and also walk when you have time and you are not too tired. It is good not only for your finances but for your body, too.

Don't forget that saving money is not a punishment and you don't have to be nervous because you can't buy this or that, go here or there. Always be optimistic and think about the positive side. With every saved dollar you are one step closer to your goal. Listen to lots of the music that makes you happy, spend time with your family and friends. Have good time and you will never miss anything.

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