Monday, January 19, 2015

Is it worth being mad?

People often get angry at simple things which are not worth it. Being nervous or even angry about things you cannot change in the moment is needless. It is normal for a big part of the people to get mad because things didn’t turn out the way they supposed to but it is not like the world is going to end or something.
When something not so pleasant happen to me or it does not turn the way I expected, like everyone else, I’m not so happy with it. But I always search for ways to turn it around so it will work in my favor. Or at least I accept it how it is. This is the idea I want to explain to people, mostly to my closest ones.
Living in a world where every your initiative is affected by many circumstances, it is usual for them to develop in unexpected ways. Little things such as waking up early, not catching the bus, waiting in a traffic jam and etc. should not be a reason to make you forget your smile. There are so much other reasons to be happy about.
Before getting mad, ask yourself “Is it really worth it?” and “Will I change something if I just sit here and be angry about it?” Most of the time, especially for the second question, the answer is “No”. So when you answer yourself and you really understand that is not the end of the world you will probably feel better. After that, when you are calmer and thinking clearly you will find the right solution of the problem (when is possible, of course).
It often happens someone in my family to get mad at little things. It depends on the person the way I find most properly to explain him that is not such a big deal. Sometimes when the person is definitely not in a good mood is more difficult to make him see the real situation. But I don’t surrender that easy. I’m always trying to explain to my family that they get mad in vain at these little things.
I do not say that there aren’t things which doesn’t need to get nervous and mad at but you have to find which are worth it and which – not. The world is much better when you search for the good side and try not to think about the little bad things in the daily life. You can always oversleep, forget something you need in home, get stuck in the traffic jam on your way to work but they are not reasons to ruin your day.

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