Tuesday, January 27, 2015


The thing about mothers is that they will always be next to us no matter what happens, they will love us unconditionally and support us in any our initiative. But what happens when you mother and you have different thinking about some stuff and what is normal for one of you is not for the other. What if one of you makes a big problem from something that the other one realizes it is not a big deal. The result is one of you is feeling guilty (most times for no reason) and the other one is hurt.
Why does this happen? Can everyone understand what is important and what is not? I had many hard times because of these problems. My mother can get mad in half a second literally for nothing. And no matter what I say to calm her down it even makes it worse. I start feeling really guilty and bad in those moments (and since I am an emotional person) my eyes get wet and this makes the situation unspeakably bad. I know I have hurt her because for some reason it something meant to her. She is my mother and my biggest wish is she to be the happiest woman in the world. I start apologizing and she forgives me because she loves me from the bottom of her soul.
I really try to do the things she wants, I do my chores when I am home. I even do things in home she hasn’t thought of just to make her happy. But in the evening when she come home from work, despite I have done 9 from 10 things she wanted for the day, she immediately forgets about the 9 done and catches for the 1 I have forgotten. Maybe for some of you this is normal but for me is not. I have tried many times to explain my point of view to this kind of things but she does not hear me. It drives me crazy but I try to do my best to understand her and to try next time not to bring her on the edge of madness.
After everything I wrote maybe it sounds like my mother is a monster. She is definitely not. She is really cool and I love her really much. She is my bestfriend and cannot think to be something else. My point is that in every family, in every relationship there are happy and not so happy moments. I can ALWAYS count on my mother because despite of the people who come and go, she is going to be there for me no matter what happens. She gives me strength when I am weak. She believes in me when I don't. She is there to support me in my good decisions, to give me an advice when I hesitate about something and (of course, like every mother does) to open my eyes if I set out to do something stupid. Love your mother – she is the only person in the world who loves you more than everything!!!

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