Friday, January 16, 2015

Contact lists

Do you delete your contacts from your list when you do not need them anymore? I do not. I keep phone numbers of people I haven't seen for years. Why? Because those people were meaning something to me and I have good memories with them. Now, even that I don't talk with them anymore, I remember them mostly with good. I'm scared that if I delete their phone numbers I will forget everything I had with those current people. And I do not want that to happen.
People usually remember about someone or something by hearing some, special for them, songs. I also have songs or even just melodies which remind me of someone. The contact list on my phone is similar. When I have to call someone, while scrolling the list, I see names I haven’t thought about recently. Then, there are times when the nostalgia hits me like a rock in the head, but other times I think about how much I’ve grown and in those moments I feel really proud of myself.
I maybe sound crazy because for most people the contact list is not anything special. But for me, it is like an album full of photos, which have captured the best moments. Maybe I will delete (at least some of) the unneeded. But no matter how much I have  grown, I did not reach that stage yet.

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