Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tips for studying

It’s this time of the year when all I have to do is study because there are only exams and courseworks. But I have the bad habit to do everything else instead of studying and do all the work right before the deadline.
I spent my time watching mostly anime shows and surfing the Internet for all kinds of things. Also the house is cleaner than usual, I help my mother with the cooking (even if she doesn’t need me), I play more with my pets and other things like these. I am always ready to find an excuse not to do my work and I am sure many people are like me. All of a sudden everything seems much more interesting when you have to study. I am not a bad student, though. I mean I am not in a university just because I am bored, I am in a university because I want to learn different things which will help me in the future.
If you are in my situation, here are a few tips which can help you on concentrating:
·      Get out of your favorite sites! No Facebook, no Twitter, no Tumblr, no nothing. It is really important not to have any distractions.
·       Music. It depends on the person and sometimes on the material. You can play some music which will not make you want to sing or dance. It may sound funny but when I play the wrong songs I start to sing the lyrics and sometimes I even start dancing. So find the right music or do not play music at all.
·      Difficult material. If the texts you are reading are hard for learning you may read it aloud. It helps concentrating more and understanding it better.
·       Other distractions. When you are living with other people it is normal they to come to your room (or whatever place you find most comfortably for studying) and distract you with their own things or to ask you something. Before you start, tell them that you have work to do and you need full concentrations so they won’t bother you.
These are the tips I follow when I have to study. I hope they will help you. 

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