Saturday, January 17, 2015

Life without the material part

I often hear things like this celebrity got a car for her birthday, that celebrity got a private jet for Christmas and other stuff like this. And I am sitting here and thinking how much a little souvenir can make me happy. I’ve grown in a family where it does not matter how much you’ve spent on the gift, it matters that you are giving it with love.
When someone in my family has a birthday or it is for Christmas, we usually give things that are not going to be needles. Or if it happens that the current person doesn’t need anything (or we don’t have any other idea) we give him something for the joke or something that can bring good feelings. I cannot understand people who are buying really expensive gifts just to show that they have money.
Maybe for those people is something normal. But the material is not the most important. The rich people have everything that could be bought, but they often forget that there are much more valuable things than money and shiny things.
If I have $200 I would not go shopping for clothes or other stuff that I don’t need. I will spend them on going on a trip to a place I haven’t been to before. Even for 2 days, it will make me happier than buying a dress or shoes which I will put on once and after that forget about them. Not everyone thinks like me, of course. I do not want to judge anybody. My idea is just to remind everybody that happiness does not have a price tag. 
People think and live as their circumstances let them. There are many people on both edges. Those who don’t have much, really value the non-material and know how to be happy with little. On the opposite, those who cannot count their fortune often forget the valuables like love and respect. They forget that one of the most important things is to appreciate each other.
Getting a book, flowers or a frame with a photo should be enough to make a person happy when you love him and, especially, when he loves you. It’s not the price that counts in the end, it's the feelings, the family and the friends. Without them, even if you have all of the world's gold, you will be the poorest man on earth.
             Here are some of my favorite gifts. Even though they are little, they mean so much to me because they are from the people I love.

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